Adding a custom video to the overview page (v2)

Welcome to the first in a series of articles exploring Admin 2020 and delving into what it can do and customisations.

Today we are looking at how you can easily add a video or any custom content to your dashboard!

Before we begin, make sure you have version 2 or above of Admin 2020 installed.

First, navigate to the Admin 2020 settings page. This is in the menu under settings or you can click on settings underneath admin 2020 in the plugins table.

Click on the overview settings tab and you will see the following screen:

Enter the title you want for your video, and the category name, for this tutorial we have gone with ‘Tutorial’

You have three choices for the URL type, vimeo, youtube or direct link. If using youtube or vimeo, you will need the url (src) given to you in the embed share option as show below:

Once you have entered all the required fields, press add video and that’s it! You can then navigate to your overview page and you will have a brand new video on your dashboard!

You can add as many videos under as many different categories as you want and remove them anytime.

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