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Admin 2020 requires a licence key to activate. When you install the plugin you will see a notice at the top of the page asking you to enter your licence key.

After purchase, you will be given your 16 digit licence key and it will also be sent to your purchase email.

Enter your licence key in the field and press activate. If your licence is valid you will receive a notification saying the plugin has been activated and you will now longer see the activation notice.

Removing a licence key

Sometimes you may want to remove the licence from admin 2020 to change it or deactivate the plugin for that site. This can be done in the admin 2020 settings page.

From the main menu, click on Settings and then click on admin 2020 settings.

Once on the settings page, if admin 2020 has been activated you will see the below option:

If you click the remove button it will deactivate admin 2020 and you will see the activation notice again.

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