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Admin 2020 comes with a lot of features and the whole plugin is designed in a modular way. This means you can disable the modules you don’t want to use and only keep the features beneficial to you.

There are a total of 10 modules in the pro plugin and 4 in the lite version. Each module has it’s settings tab in the Admin 2020 settings with options related to it’s functions.

Admin Bar

Creates new admin bar, adds user off canvas menu and builds global search


Creates new admin menu.


Creates the main theme for admin 2020. Disables default WordPress theme and applies admin 2020.


Styles the admin login page.

Folders – PRO

Creates the folder system for the content page and media page / modals.

Overview- PRO

Creates the overview page. If this is disabled, you will not be able to see analytics cards or woocommerce cards.

Analytics – PRO

Creates the google analytics cards for the overview page.

Content – PRO

Creates the content page where you can manage all of your assets, posts and pages from one place.

Advanced – PRO

Creates options for adding custom CSS and JS.

Menu Editor – PRO

Creates the menu editor and allows for rearranging, renaming and removal of menu items.

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