Admin 2020 Modern WordPress Dashboard Theme Tue, 24 Nov 2020 13:06:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Google Analytics 4 and Admin 2020 Tue, 24 Nov 2020 13:06:31 +0000 The release of Google Analytics 4 is a big step up for web analytics and business owners, however at the time of writing this, there is no publicly available API to support third party services.

This means that if you create a new Analytics property we are not able to support the new features yet.

Good news though, there is a work around! When you go to create a new analytics property, if you select the option circled in the below screenshot you will still be able to use your analytics account with Admin 2020 whilst still taking advantage of the google analytics 4 features!

When google releases a public api for version 4 we will get to work on supporting the new features but for now, you can still get the best of both worlds with this handy work around!

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Using the default WordPress UI with admin 2020 Sat, 21 Nov 2020 13:58:04 +0000 Today we are looking at how you can disable admin 2020 modules to get a the default WordPress UI while still using admin2020’s powerful features!

Before we begin, make sure you have version 2 or above of Admin 2020 installed.

First, navigate to the Admin 2020 settings page. This is in the menu under settings or you can click on settings underneath admin 2020 in the plugins table.

The first page of this settings page is where you can activate or deactivate admin 2020 modules. Go ahead and disable the theme, admin bar and menu modules and press save.

Once you have saved your modules, navigate to another page or refresh and you will have the default UI back! You can still use admin 2020 folders, content page and overview page as well as all the other features but all while keeping the default WordPress UI!

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Admin 2 is here 🥳 Mon, 16 Nov 2020 14:42:39 +0000 Today we are celebrating the release of version 2 of admin 2020, a brand new, completely rewritten iteration of the powerful admin plugin for WordPress. Version 2 is quicker, sleeker, more powerful and more compatible with all your favourite plugins.

Modular design

Version 2 is now fully modular and everything the plugin does is broken down into modules or features sets. This means you can use admin 2020 in a number of ways. Don’t like the new menu but want to keep everything else, no problem! Or maybe you just want to use admin 2020 for it’s folder system, easily done! The following modules are available:

  • Admin Bar
  • Menu
  • Theme
  • Login
  • Folders
  • Overview
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Advanced
  • Menu Editor
an example of the overview page with default WordPress ui.

Each module can be easily disabled by user role or username or you can turn the module off all together.

New settings interface

The old admin 2020 settings page was getting cluttered and at times confusing so it was import for us while building version 2 that we delivered a much cleaner and easier to use experience.

This is where you can enable and disable modules and each module has it’s own settings page.

Your admin, your way

You can now customise much more about admin 2020 straight from the settings page. You can set background colours for the admin bar, menu and body for both light and dark mode, change global padding add logos with remote URLS and more.

Streamlined UI

Version 2 makes much better use of screen space and as mentioned earlier allows control of element padding to give you even more control.

The new ui is clean, quicker than previous versions of Admin 2020 and most importantly, is much more compatible with other plugins.

Default WordPress media library with admin 2020 folders

Media & Content in one place

The content page now loads up and works perfectly with media files which means you really can manage all your assets, posts and pages in one place. Combined with folders you can now create highly organised clusters of content to suite your workflow.

Admin 2020 lite

We have also released admin 2020 lite, a completely free version of admin 2020 that comes with basic features. Going forward all paid plans get the Admin 2020 Pro plugin.


This one has been a long requested feature and we are happy to announce that Admin 2020 now supports RTL right out of the box.

There are countless other improvements both under the hood and user facing and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Admin 2020 team

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What’s new in v1.3.2 Mon, 12 Oct 2020 17:09:59 +0000 Welcome back to another Admin 2020 update run down. This update has focussed on UI and Updates.


The biggest new feature in this version in the introduction of the Notification centre. Plugin notices are necessary in some cases, in others they are down right irritating. So, instead of blindly hiding them all, we moved them all.

Plugin notices, updates, nags and other things now all live in an off canvas area which is easily accessible from the top bell icon in the admin bar. We have also moved plugin, theme and core update notices here too.

Media and Content Page Modals

We have switched over to modal views when clicking on media or content items in the media gallery or content pages.

The new views are much cleaner and easier to navigate along with a couple of new features. When it comes to posts and cpt’s we have added the ability to change post status, featured image and categories directly from the same window so you can now achieved a lot more without ever leaving the content page!

Styling and UI

We have made quite a few styling changes throughout admin 2020, some subtle and some quite large changes but it all works together to provide an even cleaner and easier to navigate interface. For example, this is how a table and it’s row actions now looks:


While automatic updates have been a part of Admin 2020 for several months, we were aware they weren’t working as smoothly as they should.

So in this version is a brand new update library that will handle future release. It also allows you to enable automatic updates should you wish.

And that’s all we are going to cover here, you can see the full release notes below but as always we look forward to hearing your feedback and feature requests!

Admin 2020 x

Release Notes:

Added support for breeze cache plugin

Fixed site health page in dark mode

Fixed alignment of plugin links in the admin bar

Fixed issue with analytics when accessing dates pre account creation

Added a two column responsive layout for overview page (small screens / iPads)

Fixed several issues with WP menu editor

Several ui tweaks with navigation and tables

Added Notification Center

Updated hover view on media items

Various improvements to default media styles and fixes

Reworked content page and media page modals

You can now set categories, post status and featured image straight from the content page modals

Fixed various issues with fluent forms

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Adding a custom video to the overview page (v2) Wed, 30 Sep 2020 14:56:51 +0000 Welcome to the first in a series of articles exploring Admin 2020 and delving into what it can do and customisations.

Today we are looking at how you can easily add a video or any custom content to your dashboard!

Before we begin, make sure you have version 2 or above of Admin 2020 installed.

First, navigate to the Admin 2020 settings page. This is in the menu under settings or you can click on settings underneath admin 2020 in the plugins table.

Click on the overview settings tab and you will see the following screen:

Enter the title you want for your video, and the category name, for this tutorial we have gone with ‘Tutorial’

You have three choices for the URL type, vimeo, youtube or direct link. If using youtube or vimeo, you will need the url (src) given to you in the embed share option as show below:

Once you have entered all the required fields, press add video and that’s it! You can then navigate to your overview page and you will have a brand new video on your dashboard!

You can add as many videos under as many different categories as you want and remove them anytime.

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Activating Google Analytics Tue, 29 Sep 2020 18:17:31 +0000 This covers the (very quick) process of activating google analytics in Admin 2020 version 1.3 and above.

Once you have installed admin 2020, go to settings in your WP admin menu and select Admin 2020.

From the admin 2020 settings, select the Google Analytics tab and you should see the below screen:

Click on the sign in with google button, you will be promoted by google to either sign in or choose your google account.

After selecting the account you will be greeted by the following screen:

If you happy for Admin 2002 to view analytics data then click allow. After that you will see a screen allowing you to choose the account to sync. Select the one you wish to use and press validate. And that’s it!

When you go to the overview page you should now get an a page full of beautiful analytics data like this:

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Version 1.3 is now live! Tue, 29 Sep 2020 18:04:13 +0000 A lot has been changing with Admin 2020 recently, and while we said version 1.2.8 was a big one, version 1.3 is a lot bigger and comes packed with new features and updates.

Google Analytics

We have made some huge changes to the way analytics works with Admin 2020. Firstly, no more creating credentials and messing around with api keys. We now have a simple sign in button in the admin 2020 settings, this will ask you to choose the analytics account you want to use and after that, you are good to go. This new process does mean you will have to relink an account if you already have Analytics set up on a previous version, but thankfully it only takes less than one minute 🙂

Not only is this process way smoother, it also allows analytics to display for any user (that you want to see it), on any device without signing in again! And in the interest of being transparent, we store none of your data or google access keys on our servers so you have control over your data, not us.

We have also added two new analytics cards to the dashboard, you now have a chart to monitor page speed and an average page speed card with a previous date range comparison.

Overview Page

We have made a lot of under the hood changes here to allow you to add custom content and cards to the overview page, tutorial to follow tomorrow so keep your a look out!

We have also added two new icons in the top right, one if for toggling the cards you want to see on your dash which can be saved for further customisation and a categories filter, so can you filter cards to just be analytics for example!


Another overview page related update, we have now added three woocommerce cards to the overview page! These only show if you have woocommerce installed and activated. These give you a clear understanding of how your store is performing and update when you change the date on the overview page!

Menu Editor

Admin 2020’s menu editor has just gotten even more powerful! Now, when you hide a menu item for a user, not only is it hidden but it also becomes a restricted page, so there is no way they can access it even if they have a direct link!

We have also introduced the ability to set custom icons for your menu items so you can create truly unique menus.

Last but not least for the menu editor, you can now disable Admin 2020 by page, this is easily done from the menu editor. Choose the page you wish to disabled admin 2020 on and toggle the switch.


For version 1.3, we have rebuilt and rewritten the foldering system from the ground up. Don’t worry, your existing folders will still be there when you upgrade!

The UI and UX of the folders is much easier to use and clearer to navigate and you can now add sub-sub folders of sub folders and sub-sub-sub folders, well actually there is no limit, you can go as many levels as you want!

The new folder system is drag and drop compatible and we have also added a colour coding system to the folders so you can organise your assets in a clear and efficient way!

Batch Rename

This update introduces a brand new feature to admin 2020, a powerful batch rename function for the media library. If you have ever used adobe Bridge to rename files, it works in a similar way.

The feature allows you to batch rename the attachment name or alt attribute and gives you lots of options to do create efficient and organised naming conventions.

And that’s all we are going to cover here, you can see the full release notes below but as always we look forward to hearing your feedback and feature requests! Check back tomorrow for our first tutorial on adding custom cards to the overview page!

Admin 2020 x

Full Release Notes:

Fixed a bug with menu sub items replicating themselves

Fixed secondary admin bar links (right aligned ones)

Added comparison stats to country, sources and pages analytics cards

Added the ability to set custom menu icons 

Switched admin menu to a fixed width when not collapsed

Fixed monster insights onboarding screen

Amended the ‘admin2020_register_dash_card’ to include start date and end date

Added compatibility for the plugin stockpack

Hidden menu items are also now restricted, ie the user won’t be able to access the page even via direct link

Fixed plugin uploaded screen

Fixed woo commerce onboarding screen

Added filter for overview cards

Added three woo commerce cards to the overview page 

You can now disable admin 2020 by page through the menu editor

You can now hide / show which cards you want visible on the overview page

Added a settings link to Admin 2020 on the plugin table

You can now rename your active theme. Just go to admin 2020 settings > appearance > white label

Various improvements to the media image viewer flyout

Fixed a conflict with woo commerce causing images to endlessly repeat in the media library

Added a Lightbox / image expand button for full screen viewing of images

 Added two more analytics cards, a average page speed chart and average page speed comparison 

Added confirm modal when deleting images

Added powerful batch rename feature to the media library

Amended oxygen builder stylesheet

If  the folder / filter panel is opened on content and media page that preference is now saved and remains open until closed

Completely rebuilt admin 2020 foldering system

Tweaked updraft plus styles

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Our Biggest Update Yet! Sat, 12 Sep 2020 16:57:23 +0000 Version 1.2.8 of Admin 2020 just landed and oh boy is it a big one! In this article we are going to delve into what’s new, what’s changed and what’s improved.

Overview Page

The overview page has had a lot of attention in this update from new cards, developer hooks and improved analytics.

To start, the dashboard cards can now be arranged however you want simply by dragging and dropping the cards where you want them. This is saved on a user by user level so no two dashboards have to be the same!

We have added two new Google Analytics cards, bounce rate and sources. These help to give an even clear understanding of what is happening on your site. Several other existing cards have also been improved and you can now see how the current periods data compares to the previous period at a glance.

We have also added a developer hook for adding your own custom cards but we will go into detail on that in our developer reference. If you want more info about this please send us a message and we can tell you all about it!


You’ve been asking for it and now it’s here! Admin 2020 now ships with two alternate colour themes! The image above is showing off one of them “Midnight Blue”.

We added a developer hook for adding your own too and there will be more info about that in our developer reference when it’s ready. As per the overview hook, message us if you can’t wait for that!

Menu Editor

The Menu Editor in Admin 2020 has had a complete overhaul and is even more powerful than ever!

Not only is the new editor better laid out with an easier to use interface, you can now rearrange your menu items for a completely custom feel. This includes top level items and sub menu items!

Import and Export Settings

The whole settings area of Admin 2020 has been redesigned in version 1.2.8 but that’s not even the best part, you can now easily export your settings and import to another site. No more uploading logos 20 times or settings the same options over and over!

Login Page / Time Out

The login page and time-out login overlay have been enhanced and redesigned to give your website an even more professional feel.

A Few Other Things

Admin notices are annoying, right? We thought so, so you now have an option to get rid of them and clear up your dashboard.

The Original WP admin links now site nicely in the top admin bar and there have been several UI tweaks and redesigns through the plugin.

There has been many other changes in version 1.2.8 and we won’t go into them all here, if you wish to read the change log you can do so here.

We’d love to hear what you think about the latest version! Drop us a message or leave a comment and if you want to see a feature in Admin 2020 you can do so here.

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What’s new in Admin 2020 Fri, 21 Aug 2020 16:23:39 +0000 Version 1.2.7 is now available! This version brings various updates and bug fixes all of which can be seen on the change log.

This version has shipped with custom error screens for the WordPress Admin, no more ugly “The Link you followed has expired screens” – The error screens now match the UI and style of Admin 2020 as well as loading with your custom set logo and they also adapt to light / dark mode!

As well as the custom error screens, this version brings big improvements to the media gallery.  It is now even faster, more stable and can handle much larger libraries with ease!

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Things look a little different around here… Mon, 17 Aug 2020 12:38:35 +0000 Welcome to our new site! We have recently streamlined our website and given it a little makeover! We are still working on developer documentation and tutorials which will be available directly from our website.

We are also working on a lot of exciting features for Admin 2020 so keep your eye out for upcoming announcements!


Admin 2020

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