WordPress Media Gallery Features

Say hello to a new way to manage your digital assets in WordPress

Blazing Quick Media Library

Admin 2020 comes with a brand new media library that is up to 50% quicker than the Classic WordPress Library.

Powerful Filters

The filters in Admin 2020 Media Gallery are powerful and lightning quick. It’s never been so easy to find your files.

Media Folders

As well as a brand new media gallery, Admin 2020 also brings folders to the WordPress media gallery so you can better organise your media and speed up your workflow!

Full Featured Image Editing

Powerful image editing component built right into the Admin 2020 media gallery. The full featured editor includes powerful image manipulation, filters, free draw, icons / shapes, text and various mask filters.

Effortless Browsing

Browsing your gallery is simple and quick and making quick changes is a breez