Things look a little different around here…

Welcome to our new site! We have recently streamlined our website and given it a little makeover! We are still working on developer documentation and tutorials which will be available directly from our website.

We are also working on a lot of exciting features for Admin 2020 so keep your eye out for upcoming announcements!


Admin 2020

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Admin 2020 version 2 is here 🥳

November 16, 2020
Today we are celebrating the release of version 2 of admin 2020, a brand new, completely rewritte...

What’s new in v1.3.2

October 12, 2020
Welcome back to another Admin 2020 update run down. This update has focussed on UI and Updates. N...

Activating Google Analytics

September 29, 2020
This covers the (very quick) process of activating google analytics in Admin 2020 version 1.3 and...
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